The Oklahoma Latino Cultural Center (OKLCC) is an Oklahoma not-for-profit multi-disciplinary arts organization and virtual center based in Oklahoma City, OK.

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Our Beginning

The Oklahoma Latino Cultural Center, Inc. (“OKLCC”) was founded in December 2017 in response to the growing need for Latino cultural events and functions in the OKC Metropolitan area. Its goal is to encourage and facilitate artistic growth and cultural exchange in Oklahoma. OKLCC celebrated its launch in February 2018 during the Anita Martinez Mariachi Festival at the Oklahoma Contemporary Arts Center, currently located at the Oklahoma Fairgrounds in Oklahoma City.


“My great strength is knowing who I am and where I come from.”

— Oscar de la renta


We will provide and collaborate with community partners to feature a dynamic interdisciplinary schedule of events including art exhibits, musical performances, poetry readings, dance, teatro, ballet folklorico, film screenings, and more, in addition to offering a suite of classes introducing traditional Hispanic American art forms and traditions to students of all ages and experiences from the Oklahoma City metropolitan area.


Our Mission

Our main goals are to preserve Latin Arts, strengthen families ties and improve educational outcomes through cultural arts for the younger generations, develop and expose new audiences for local artists, promote Latino arts and culture and partner with programs such as Academia OKC for classes/programs that include visual arts, music, film, dance, theatre and literature.


We believe that arts can strengthen the fabric of Oklahoma’s Latino Community, and serve as a bridge between the Latino community and the other diverse communities that form our vibrant metropolitan community.

OKLCC currently hosts its events and programming through the auspices of the Oklahoma Contemporary Art Center, which serves as our brick and mortar home. Until such time as OKLCC secures its own permanent facility, it will continue to host periodic events and classes at the Center, and at other Oklahoma locations, including supplemental arts programming for schools, in concert with our growing network of community partners, as opportunities arise.


Get Involved

If you would like to support the OKLCC, please contact Narciso Argüelles at 405-410-5635.